Welcome to Vale School District

City of Vale, OregonIf you like crowds, traffic, high-rise buildings, congestion, and a frantic pace, then Vale is not for you.  Rather, we live in a laid-back, rural community, of ranches, open space, clean rivers, mountains, great hunting and fishing, and friendly, hard-working people.   Vale is high-desert, dry with warm days and cool nights most of the year, and generally mild winters.   

The City of Vale is the Malheur County Seat.  With a population of less than 1,000, most of the residents of the school district live outside the city limits.  They farm, ranch, or work for the BLM, county, school district, or for local businesses.  Three of our four schools are in the City.

Vale Schools are an integral part of the lives of our people.  We consistently have the highest test scores in Eastern Oregon and the athletic teams have a long history of success.  The football team has won more state championships than any school in Oregon (12) and the automotive troubleshooting team is the perennial state champion with several national championship trophies, the most recent being in 2015.  We are blessed with teachers who love teaching and students who enjoy learning.  In short, Vale is a great place to live and learn!