Directory Information Letter

Release Date
9/9/2016 5:00AM

Dear Parents,

The Vale bond committee has put together a video which expresses the support of Vale School District going for a general obligation bond in the November election coming up.  In the video presentation there are pictures of Vale students from the 2015-16 school year where they are involved in various school activities.  In reviewing Vale School District policy "directory information", we as a district are allowed to release information of students under certain parameters. 

In this situation the Vale bond committee has requested to use pictures of some of our students and we have granted the request.  Upon viewing the video, if you as a parent or guardian wish to exercise the opt out option, of your child being in the presentation, please call the district office at 541-473-0201. We will promptly respond to your request.  The bond committee intends to publish the video on September 12, 2016.

In preparation for this request from the Vale bond committee, I want to assure you as a parent of our district, our focus is on educating your children, our students.  In accordance to ORS 260.432(2), public employees may not be involved in promoting or opposing any political committee or any initiative, referendum or recall petition, measure or candidate "while on the job during work hours". In the making of the literature for the general obligation bond, none of our employees are using school district materials in the promotion of the bond. 

In accordance to our board policy "directory information" this notice will be given to each student to take home and this notice will be posted here on the school district web site.

If you have questions or concerns please let me know.

Scott Linenberger
Vale School District

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